June 2014
Update to Administration

May 2014
Notice to Creditors

Update to Administration

April 2014
Update to Creditors

Notice of First Meeting of Creditors

Update to Administration

Market Update

March 2014
New Debt Restructure and Refinancing Proposal

February 2014
Appendix 4D Half Year Results FY2014

Media Release – Half Year Results FY2014

Funding Facility

Novacarb and Penrice announce strategic partnership on sodium bicarbonate in Asia

January 2014
Funding Facility

December 2013
EEO Public Report 2013

Funding Facility

November 2013
Chairman and MD AGM Addresses

AGM 2013 Voting Results

October 2013
Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form

September 2013
Penrice Soda 2013 Annual Report

Penrice Soda 2013 Statutory Accounts

Penrice Soda 2013 AGM

August 2013
FY13 Preliminary Final Report (Appendix 4E)

Media Release - Penrice Soda 2013 Full Year Results

Investor & Analyst Conference Call FY13 Results

July 2013
Market Update

June 2013
Termination of Salt Supply Agreement - Penrice Announcement

Termination of Salt Supply Agreement - Joint Announcement

May 2013
Penrice Soda Ash Customers Sign Up

March 2013
Pro Asia Pacific soda ash joint venture commences

February 2013
Investor & Analyst Conference Call 2013 Half Year Results

Appendix 4D Half Year Results December 2012

Media Release Half Year Results December 2012

Notice of change of interests of substantial holder

Notice of change of interests of substantial holder

January 2013
General Meeting – Final Voting Results

Open Briefing

Penrice Investor Update 18 January 2013

Penrice forms Joint Venture

Letter to shareholders

Media Press Update – The Australian

Media Press Update – The Advertiser

December 2012
General Meeting Proxy Notice

Market Analysis

Initial Substantial Shareholder Notification

Market Update

Notice of General Meeting & Appointment of Proxy Form

EEO Public Report

General Meeting

Penrice Secures New Soda Ash Contract

November 2012
Notification of date of General Meeting

Insurance Claim Settlement

October 2012
Annual General Meeting – Voting Results

Chairman's and MD's Addresses to Shareholders

September 2012
Annual Report 2012

Appointment of Proxy Form

Chairman’s Letter and Notice of Annual General Meeting

Resignation and Appointment of CFO and Company Secretary

August 2012
FY12 Preliminary Final Report (Appendix 4E)

Media Release FY12 Results

July 2012
Bank Facility Extended

May 2012
Mineral Resource and Ore Reserves Statement – Penrice Limestone Mine

April 2012
Market Update

March 2012
Director Changes

February 2012
Open Briefing – Dec 2011 Half Year Results

Media Release – Half Year Results Dec 2011

Appendix 4D Half Year Results Dec 2011

Investor & Analyst Conference call on FY 2012 Half year results

Penrice Supplies South Road Superway

January 2012
Market Update

Penrice Public Reportv2

December 2011
Withdrawal of Request for General Meeting

Chairman's correspondence

Penrice 2011 AGM – Questions & Answers

Chairman's address and MD/CEO Presentation to Penrice AGM

2011 AGM Voting Results

November 2011
Request for EGM

Market Update

Chairman's Letter and Notice of Annual General Meeting

Example Proxy Form

October 2011
GE and Penrice Consortium to trial converting coal seam gas brine into saleable products

AGM Date Change Notice

September 2011
Penrice Soda Holdings 2011 Annual Report

AGM Date Change Notice

Appendix 3Z, Final Director’s Interest Notice, Barbara June Gibson

Update to Share Trading Policy

August 2011
MD on FY Results & Outlook

FY 2011 Results

Preliminary Final Report (Appendix 4E) for the year ended 30 June 2011

Market Update

Resignation of Director

June 2011
Penrice and GE form consortium
for innovative Coal Seam Gas industry water treatment

May 2011

Earnings Guidance and Market Update

December 2010
Penrice appoints David Groves to board

Energy Efficiency Opportunity Public Report for 2010

October 2010
Penrice in coal seam gas salt studies

May 2010
Goldman Sachs JB Were Conference Presentation

CEDA 2010 Water Review Presentation

SA's world-first mineral discovery at Angaston mine

Penrice and Adelaide Brighton Sign New Multi-Million Dollar Contract

January 2010
Energy Efficiency Opportunity Public Report for 2008

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Penrice Soda Holdings Limited

Penrice Soda Holdings Limited is an Australian public company. It holds leading positions in the supply of soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, quicklime and limestone in its domestic market and exports sodium bicarbonate to 25+ nations.

Headquartered in Osborne, (Adelaide) South Australia, it has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange since 2005, while the Company’s origins date back to 1935.

In the face of increasingly difficult domestic trading conditions and increasing costs for its soda ash business, Penrice has embraced a transformation strategy which saw it close its soda ash production facility at Osborne in June 2013. The supply of Soda ash for Penrice’s requirements for Sodium bicarbonate production is now provided through the importation of North American Soda ash. The supply of Soda ash to the domestic market will be facilitated through Penrice’s participation in a Joint Venture with SASS Victoria Australia Pty Ltd. The new joint venture is called Pro Asia Pacific.

Today, Penrice is the only manufacturer in Australia and South East Asia of sodium bicarbonate, which is now the prime focus of the Company. Sodium bicarbonate demand globally continues to grow and develop; especially in the Asia Pacific region where demand for Penrice Sodium bicarbonate outstrips the capacity of the plant. Penrice is also a significant supplier of limestone and civil construction materials. Key end-users of Penrice products throughout Australia and overseas include world majors in glass manufacturing, mining, food, animal feed, medical care organisations and large locally based infrastructure projects.

With the closure of the Soda ash plant, Penrice has leveraged its lime kilns with quality limestone at Angaston to produce new high growth product, Quick lime.

Penrice’s strategy is to build on its reputation as a reliable and quality supplier, using its expertise and technology to build share in higher value markets and to penetrate new high growth markets while improving operating efficiencies. It is now better positioned to utilise domestic and global supply chain offerings to the benefit of all stakeholders.