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Penrice Soda Holdings Limited is an Australian public company. It holds leading positions in the supply of soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, quicklime and limestone in its domestic market and exports sodium bicarbonate to 25+ nations.

Headquartered in Osborne, (Adelaide) South Australia, Penrice employs 174 people. It has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange since 2005, while the Company’s origins date back to 1935.

In the face of increasingly difficult domestic trading conditions and increasing costs for its soda ash business, Penrice has embraced a transformation strategy which saw it close its soda ash production facility at Osborne in June 2013. The supply of Soda ash for Penrice’s requirements for Sodium bicarbonate production is now provided through the importation of North American Soda ash. The supply of Soda ash to the domestic market will be facilitated through Penrice’s participation in a Joint Venture with SASS Victoria Australia Pty Ltd. The new joint venture is called Pro Asia Pacific.

Today, Penrice is the only manufacturer in Australia and South East Asia of sodium bicarbonate, which is now the prime focus of the Company. Sodium bicarbonate demand globally continues to grow and develop; especially in the Asia Pacific region where demand for Penrice Sodium bicarbonate outstrips the capacity of the plant. Penrice is also a significant supplier of limestone and civil construction materials. Key end-users of Penrice products throughout Australia and overseas include world majors in glass manufacturing, mining, food, animal feed, medical care organisations and large locally based infrastructure projects.

With the closure of the Soda ash plant, Penrice has leveraged its lime kilns with quality limestone at Angaston to produce new high growth product, Quick lime.

Penrice’s strategy is to build on its reputation as a reliable and quality supplier, using its expertise and technology to build share in higher value markets and to penetrate new high growth markets while improving operating efficiencies. It is now better positioned to utilise domestic and global supply chain offerings to the benefit of all stakeholders.


The operations of the Penrice Group are centred on two South Australian based divisions – its Chemicals business at Osborne in suburban Adelaide and the Quarry & Mineral facility at Angaston in the Barossa Valley. The Chemicals business operates fully and direct for sodium bicarbonate and as a logistics service for soda ash. The Company is committed to working safely and applying industry best practice to the health, safety and well-being of employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and communities in which it operates.


Penrice’s Chemicals business manufactures sodium bicarbonate and quicklime. It operates one of the five largest sodium bicarbonate plants in the world. A major input is limestone, which is naturally occurring and locally supplied. The other major raw material, soda ash is imported from the USA. It is used to manufacture sodium bicarbonate and also packaged and distributed via Pro Asia Pacific. It is used in the Australian market as a vital ingredient in products ranging from glass containers (especially wine and beer bottles), to flat glass for building and construction, to powder detergents. It is also used in the mining and water treatment industries. Sodium bicarbonate is a specialty chemical used in a variety of products and applications as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, medical, personal care, industrial and animal feed. Penrice supplies Sodium bicarbonate to domestic and export markets and over the past 10 years Penrice has expanded the capacity of its sodium bicarbonate plant from 24,000 tonnes per annum to 100,000 tonnes per annum.

Quarry & Mineral

Penrice owns and operates the largest crystalline limestone mine in South Australia. The mine supplies limestone into the chemical process at Penrice’s Osborne Chemicals business. It is also a significant supplier of functional inputs to glass and cement manufacture, mineral processing and animal feed, and a supplier of aggregates and other materials to a variety of end-uses, such as civil and construction, road making, landfill and landscaping. This business is well positioned for the predicted upturn in construction industry in the years ahead.


Penrice is a united, achievement-focused Company committed to producing quality products, providing excellent customer service and secure supply. The Penrice culture encourages and challenges its people to build on this to maintain a competitive edge and through this achieve growth and future prosperity.